Louis Vuitton - Best Fashion Brand 2017

Louis Vuitton is The World's Most Valuable Fashion Brand 2017

For the eighteenth time, Interbrand, a US marketing consulting agency, has published its annual top 10 ranking of leading global brands - and named Louis Vuitton the world's most valuable fashion brand in 2017.

The French luxury goods company had an exciting year, influenced among other things by its collaboration with the New York streetwear brand Supreme, which has repeatedly made headlines in the fashion industry. But even as the world's most valuable fashion brand in 2017, Louis Vuitton is only ranked 19th out of the 100 awarded brands. In addition, Hermès (32), Gucci (51) and Burberry (86) among others have made it into this year's ranking of the US agency Interbrand.

The good positioning of the Louis Vuitton “brand is above all due to the interaction between culture and brand”, explains Rebecca Robins, Global Director at Interbrand, to Business of Fashion. This was exactly what was already established at the beginning of the year when the cooperation with the streetwear brand Supreme was analysed. After all, it was Kim Jones, the head of Louis Vuitton's men's collections, who could barely hide his enthusiasm: “You simply can't talk about men's fashion without calling it Supreme, because it's such a huge global phenomenon.”

What do you think about the award? Does Louis Vuitton deserve the title as the world's most valuable fashion brand in 2017? We look forward to your feedback in the comments.