Loft Hrebenky - Formafatal 1

Loft Hrebenky - A Luxurious Loft Apartment Made Of Building Materials

While prefabricated concrete blocks are frowned upon in Germany, the relic of communism is experiencing a new boom in the Czech Republic. According to Spiegel Online, almost 40 percent of the people living there consider the slab to be the “optimal form of living”. Dagmar Stepanova cannot comprehend this at all: “It is incomprehensible to me why new housing blocks in the Czech Republic have to be so tasteless”, says the architect and shows with the Hrebenky Loft that there is another way.

Dagmar Stepanova and Formafatal Studio were commissioned by an owner of a 85 square meter lofts to take over the interior design of the apartment in Prague's Hrebenka residential quarter. The architect was left completely at liberty to choose an interesting mix of industrial charm, her own designs from existing building materials as well as all kinds of products from well-known design giants such as Carl Hansen, Les Acrobates or Moroso.

Formfatal relies on raw instead of new building

If you take the elevator that leads directly up to the apartment, behind the entrance door there is a luxurious loft apartment that convinces on the whole line. Instead of white, trowelled walls, the architect decided to leave both this and the floor in its raw state. The kitchen, living room and bathroom are similarly simple and rustic. In order to escape the new belly character, for example, some of the walls were specially trimmed to “old” by film specialists.

The guest room, in which one sleeps in a bunk bed, is particularly elegant. In order to keep the room cooler and more comfortable, a wall was covered with wooden planks.

Would you feel comfortable in the luxurious Hrebenky Loft? What would you have done differently in your place? Let us know in the comments.