Moises Rodriquez - Less Is More - Photography 1

Less Is More: Minimal Street Photography By Moisés Rodríguez

“Less is only more if more is not good”, the American architect Frank Lloyd Wright promised - and in this case he is damn right. The recordings of Moisés Rodríguez live on their minimalism and every bit more would not be good at all.

The Mexican street photographer relies on strong contrasts in his shots, which, in combination with the chosen stylistic simplicity, seem extremely appealing. “The renunciation of color gives photography a special expressiveness that captivates the viewer even more”, says Rodríguez. “In addition, the viewer's imagination is intensified even more by black-and-white photography.”

Moisés Rodríguez presents a stylish composition of negative spaces, symmetrical forms, patterns and much more. The black and white tonality creates a certain drama, which makes the use of color completely superfluous. “I love the style of black-and-white photography”, he says. “Movies like Citizen Kane, Psycho and The Exterminating Angel have inspired me.”