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Absolute Rarities: Leica Rifle Cameras From The 1930s

Looking back on the company's 150 years of history, Leica has brought many impressive, fascinating and above all innovative innovations to market in recent years. One of these is the Leica camera series “Rifle”, whose cameras look like modified hunting rifles at first glance. The RITOO rifle with the 20 cm Telyt lens and the RITEL with the 40 cm Telyt lens were presented to the public for the first time in 1938. Many years have passed since then, but still today the rifle rifle cameras stand for technical innovation and uniqueness in Leica cameras.

The quality of the Leica Rifle rifle cameras is beyond question, as the engravings and the elegantly crafted wooden stock show that Leica has always been one of the most exclusive and high-quality brands in camera history. Rumours say that only 12 to 12 of these absolute rarities have been produced worldwide, at least this is documented by documents documenting the relatively short production period in 1938 and 1939.

Two of the rare Leica Rifle rifle cameras were recently presented at the 30th Leica Rifle Rifle Gun Show. WestLicht Camera Auction. Both versions of the Leica camera series achieved a price of 140,000 euros per unit. According to the auction, both the RITOO rifle with the 20 cm Telyt lens and the RITEL rifle with the 40 cm Telyt lens in the respective original case should be fully functional.