LEGO - Ferrari F1 - Build Life Size

Making-of: How a Ferrari F1 Is Built From 350.000 LEGO Bricks


While Clay is usually considered one of the standard materials used by industrial or automotive designers to create models of a wide variety of elements or the entire bodywork of an automobile on a 1:4 or 1:1 scale, LEGO has become an increasingly popular option in recent years. The Danish company's employees already demonstrated how well the coloured building blocks can be used to recreate a McLaren 720s in original scale at the end of August and recorded it in a timelapse video.

But that's not all: LEGO designers and engineers have now used a Ferrari F1 to build a 1:1 scale Formula 1 super sports car from 350.000 LEGO bricks - and that's around 70.000 more than the McLaren 720s. The construction time of the 567 kilogram LEGO Ferraris F1 was 750 hours at the end of the day. But take a look at the new timelapse video and tell us what you think about the super sports car made of LEGO bricks.