Kazuhiro Yamanaka - Tennis Strings Collection 1

Kazuhiro Yamanaka Produces A Furniture Collection Of Tennis Strings

What is good design? And what is crazy design? The tightrope walk between a good and a crazy design idea is undoubtedly not without - and so it happens that you sometimes have to look twice to understand what it is all about. Japanese designer Kazuhiro Yamanaka is one who masters the tightrope walk down to the smallest detail. He is known for his avant-garde designer pieces such as the paper torch or the sound cloud.

With his latest project “Passage”, Kazuhiro Yamanaka presents a furniture collection consisting of lightweight construction elements and coloured tennis strings. The Japanese designer's tables, chairs and corner benches are part of the Hanakoganei Park Apartments - a complex housing estate of the Mitsubishi Jisho Residence in Tokyo.

The chairs adapt perfectly to the user's back shape

According to the design studio, Kazuhiro Yamanaka's furniture collection was developed to highlight the emphasis on the rooms. The individual elements set colour accents without attracting attention. The choice of material seems to be quite unusual, but the tennis strings are strong enough to sit on - and they adapt to the back shape of the user due to their elasticity.

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