Karl Lagerfeld - Salut Les Terres

Fashion Designer Karl Lagerfeld Divides The Minds With Political Statement

He is the master of the fashion world, but Karl Lagerfeld has now once again intervened in Chancellor Angela Merkel's refugee policy. After criticising Angela Merkel with a Hitler cartoon, the fashion designer is now causing a stir in the French talk show “Salut les Terres” with a statement on refugees and splitting the minds.

In France it is suspected that Karl Lagerfeld deliberately wanted to unleash a controversy with his statement, but he still encounters a lot of incomprehension with his statement. On the Facebook page and the fashion designer's Instagram channel, it raises sharp criticism: “Karl der Große, diesmal ganz klein! Schäm’ dich für deine Aussage”, is what is written there.

What do you think the brand “Karl Lagerfeld”, which is known for good fashion design and legendary slogans, has lost its reputation due to the political statements? Or is the fashion designer still a role model for young designers?