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Mourning In The Fashion Industry: Karl Lagerfeld Has Passed Away

Karl Lagerfeld is probably the biggest icon in the fashion industry to have died today. According to the German “Vogue” and the two French media “WWD” and “Business of Fashion”, Lagerfeld is said to have passed away at the age of 85. In doing so, they refer to a source in the designer's immediate environment that is said to have confirmed the death. Precise information on the actual time of death and the circumstances is not yet known.

The past few months have been quiet around Karl Lagerfeld, although there have been many speculations about the fashion designer's health. Especially the appearance in autumn, when Lagerfeld showed himself without his trademark, the black sunglasses, had caused a sensation. Furthermore, Lagerfeld was absent from the Chanel Show in January - and even then some confidants were worried.

Chanel has not yet officially confirmed the death, but the information seems to be true.

Update on 19 February 2019: Fashion house Chanel has confirmed the death of designer Karl Lagerfeld. Virginie Viard, who previously headed Chanel's Fashion Creation Studio, will succeed Lagerfeld.