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Karl Lagerfeld Criticizes Angela Merkel With Hitler-Cartoon

Karl Lagerfeld is not only known for his incredibly funny sayings or his exceptional career. True Kar fans know that the fashion designer has been working as a cartoonist for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung since 2013 and illustrates current world events in an appropriate way. 

The latest work by Karl Lagerfeld alludes to the alternative for Germany and its entry into the Bundestag. The illustration shows how Hitler supports the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and says: “Vielen Dank, dass Sie ungewollt meinen Nachkommen erlaubt haben wieder im Parlament vertreten zu sein…”

“I'm out of my mind”, said Karl Lagerfeld, who grew up in Nazi Germany, about the rise of the AfD and continues: “I had hoped that nothing like this would ever happen again in my life.” But what do you think about the Hitler cartoon by Lagerfeld? We look forward to your comment.