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Jonathan Ive Talks About The Challenges As a Designer

He has created iconic products such as the iMac, MacBook and iPod: Apple's chief designer Jonathan Ive. For more than 20 years, he has given the world's most valuable company an aesthetic stringency and elegance that is unique in the world of products in its modernist consistency. Now Jonathan Ive has talked to Hiroshi Fujiwara, who is not only a musician and designer, but also the “Godfather” of streetwear, about Steve Jobs and his influence, the challenges as a designer and - of course - streetwear. 

You can read the whole interview on Dazed Digital, but we have picked out two highlights for you that show how Jonathan Ive thinks as Apple's chief designer.

... about the challenges as a designer.

Jonathan Ive: “I think one of the oddest challenges as a designer is that, on one hand, you’re curious and you are inquisitive and sort of light on your feet. And then on the other hand, there’s the contradiction that what you have to explore to actually make that real requires being very, very focused and very resolute, sometimes even stubborn.”

... why less is more.

Jonathan Ive: “I think that the reason that we can innovate in the way that we can here is that we’re so focused and we don’t make an enormous number of products. It’s the depth. We have an appetite and we have lots of ideas to make many more products than we do. And one of the most difficult parts of our job is to decide which ones we’re going to focus on. And then that means saying no and not developing a lot of things that we might still find interesting and compelling.”