IWC Watchmaker - Kurt Klaus Ad 1

Watchmaker Legend Kurt Klaus Puts Smartwatch To The Test

For many watch fans he is a legend: IWC chief executive Kurt Klaus. Already in the 1980s he developed the complication of the perpetual calendar and still today it is regarded as a true milestone in the art of watchmaking. The construction consists of just 80 parts and, unlike a Smartwatch, can be adjusted with the crown alone. In addition, the Portuguese's power reserve lasts up to seven days and the calendar does not need to be corrected manually until 2100.

As part of the “A Smart Watch And A Half” campaign for the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer IWC Schaffhausen, the 85-year-old is now entering a Smartwatch store for the first time in his life - and with his charming manner provides many answers to the question of what makes an IWC Schaffhausen watch so special!

Kurt Klaus discusses the update cycle, battery life and user-friendliness.

“With this campaign we want to address technology enthusiasts in particular and show that the "smartness" of the purely mechanical IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar does not even have to hide behind the so-called smartwatches - quite the opposite”, says Jörg Waschescio, Creative Director at Scholz & Friends Berlin. “In the end, however, we leave it to the viewer to judge what "smart" really means to him”.

Below you will find the commercials of the “A Smart Watch And A Half” campaign, which IWC Schaffhausen implemented in cooperation with the agency Scholz & Friends. What do you think about the spots? We are looking forward to your comment!