Interior-Magazin - IDEAT Deutschland

Reading: The Interior Magazine IDEAT Starts In Germany

Do you really need another Interior magazine? This is exactly what we asked ourselves when we took the first issue of the German IDEAT from our mailbox. But even the title of the premium residential magazine founded by Laurent Blanc in France makes it clear that IDEAT is not a “another interior magazine”.

“Every letter in IDEAT stands for a facet of the magazine: inspiration, design, discovery, architecture and trends”, writes editor-in-chief Bettina Billerbeck in the editorial of the first issue. And the fact that it becomes clear from the first leafing through the pages that the name is not made up of “Ikea” and “Iditot”, but Gruner + Jahr and IDEAT brought the Parisian magazine “attitude” to Germany in the form of a great magazine.

Not another interior magazine

It is the many small but also detailed stories and portraits about designers and their products that make the first edition of IDEAT so entertaining. Although the Interior magazine only appears every two months, we are already on page 258 and thus at the end. That is also the reason why we believe that IDEAT will be a complete success in Germany, especially since topics such as architecture, creative self-expression and trends are still very popular in our country.

At this point we wish the team around editor-in-chief Bettina Billerbeck a good start into the first year of IDEAT Germany and look forward to further exciting issues. Once again, a print magazine shows that design is the future.