IKEA - SPACE10 - Pop-Up Store Shoreditch London

IKEA's SPACE10 Pop-Up Store in London Examines The Future of Design

The world is changing and we are at a punk, which means not only profound changes in our society but also in our way of life. According to the first study forecasts, the share of the city's population will rise to 70 percent by 2050. But how do we best design our living spaces of tomorrow? And what defines space in a broad context?

With the SPACE10 Research Lab, IKEA wants to find out what the interior design of the future can look like and what effects it will have on urbanization. The Swedish furniture manufacturer has now opened a Pop-Up Store in London Shoreditch, entitled “Exploring Spaces of Tomorrow”, which examines the concept of space in its various perspectives. The installation focuses on urban spaces, but also on common, intelligent or temporary spaces and material goods.

For more information on the SPACE10 Pop-Up Store in London, visit the IKEA Research Lab website. We look forward to your feedback in the comments.