Iittala - Magnus Pettersen - Leimu Tischleuchte 1

Inspired by Architecture: Table Lamp “Leimu” by Designer Magnus Pettersen

What looks like a flame at first glance is actually the table lamp Leimu by Magnus Pettersen. According to his own statement, the Norwegian designer based in London has modeled the luminaire on a flame, hence its name. Pettersen found inspiration for the materials in modern architecture, at least this is what the hand-blown table lamp gives a hint of due to its striking combination of glass and concrete. The Leimu luminaire was awarded the renowned iF Golden design award in 2014.

The concrete base of the Leimu table lamp provides a good contrast to the light, transparent lampshade - a design that combines sensitivity and strength. “The combination of glass and concrete is known from architecture, but not always beautiful”,says Magnus Pettersen. “I wanted to create a gentle combination of opposites in a luminaire that emphasises the interplay of warm and cold elements”, said the award-winning designer, who is known for his style of combining warm and cold elements, and is also known as “industrial luxury”.

From a technical point of view, it was not easy to balance the interaction of base and lamp shade in the Leimu table lamp. But thanks to the experience of Iittala all problems could be solved. What do you think about the design of the luminaire? Let us know in the comments if you would buy it. We are looking forward to it!