AHL Architects - Hopper House 1

The Hopper House Combines Traditional Design With Modern Flair

In the middle of a densely built-up Vietnamese settlement, the architecture of the Hopper House is not particularly striking - and yet AHL Architects has created a modern residential building that convinces with its traditional design.

“Terraces, thresholds, courtyards and roofs are valuable design components that can typically be found in centuries-old living spaces”, says the architecture firm, combining them in a special way. One highlight, for example, is the allotment garden in the living area, which is surrounded by a glass facade.

Clear lines and high vaulted ceilings form the Hopper House

“From the outside we wanted to convey a very familiar feeling”, says AHL Architects. “But after passing through the front door, the viewer should be amazed at the creative variations despite familiar structures”.

The Hopper House consists of clear lines and a high vaulted ceiling - and offers generous space between the individual living areas. White walls and a grey coloured cement floor keep the colour palette neutral, whereas the wooden elements give the interior a local or rustic charm.

What do you think about the architecture and the interior of the Hopper House? Would you feel comfortable in the house created by AHL Architects? Please leave us a comment.