Heineken - Door Lock - Wieden+Kennedy

Heineken: The Door Lock Campaign For The Champions League

“Ball round must be square in goal”, football coach and manager Helmut Schulte once said. But it's not that easy in football. Especially when it comes to the Champions League. And so it seems unreal and Otto Normal at the same time when Barcelona's Gerard Piqué cuts off the goal net calmly and carefully after the final whistle and then hangs around like a veil. The truth lies somewhere in between - and nobody meets it better than the Dutch company Heineken.

The official sponsor of the Uefa Champions League has again played successful pressing this year and finally wins at home: In cooperation with Wieden+Kennedy São Paulo they have created “The Door Lock”, a barcode reader that only opens the door if a Heineken is placed in front of it. In this way, they want to make sure that a relaxed football evening among friends is an absolute success right at their doorstep. There's no room for cheap drinks. Heineken knows what men want. Squeal! Or something like that.