Hasselblad - Lunar - Making-Of

Hasselblad Lunar: A Passion For Uniqueness

For more than fifty years now, the Swedish traditional and family business Hasselblad has been pursuing a clear goal: “to build the best photographic equipment in the world”. With the legendary Hasselblad 500C from 1957, the company achieved its goal at that time. Even then, Hasselblad cameras became an object of desire - and they still are today. The reason for this may be above all the numerous, impressive and symbolistic images that have been created in our time.

Today the Lunar revives the timeless charm of the Hasselblad 500 with its legendary chrome frame. Above all, the carefully selected raw materials and their timelessly stylish processing remind us of the expertise of the Italian master craftsmen.

How the Hasselblad design team works behind the scenes

The Hasselblad Design Team offers an interesting look behind the scenes with a 3-minute making-of. Not only are the traditionally required skills for production visualized in a fantastic way, but also the development of special techniques and the associated passion for perfection. Just great, don't you think?!