Planet Pins - Duncon Shotton 1

Unique: The Hand-Painted “Planet Pins” by Design Studio Duncan Shotton


Who has never wanted to hold the entire solar system in their own hands?! Designer Duncan Shotton has asked himself this question and once again presented a unique work of art that allows you to house a miniature version of the universe in your home. This is not only a decoration, but also has a classical purpose.

The British designer runs a small design studio in Tokyo with his wife Nozomi and has already completed three successful kick-start campaigns. With his products he wants to bring the joy and playfulness of his design/art to everyday products and share them with other people.

The Planet Pins are a complete success on Kickstarter

His current project Planet Pins is made up of the 8 planets that were painted on pinheads by hand. The pins were produced in Germany, the planetary shapes were provided in Great Britain and painted in Tokyo - completely by hand! Pluto fans won't get a taste for it, but the Planet Pins don't think it's a big success. With its current 800 supporters, Duncan Shotton has already raised close to £33,000 in donations.

The latest Kickstarter project by the British designer is currently being offered in an edition limited to 100 pieces and signed. For a contribution of at least 32 pounds you can pre-order the Planet Pins and the matching kit The Moon on Kickstarter.