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Gucci Outdoes Balenciaga And Is The “Hottest Brand 2017”

It was a neck-and-neck race of two fashion giants: Last year, both Gucci and Balenciaga really rocked it to the top of the “Hottest Brand 2017” list. Now the magazine Business of Fashion (BoF) in cooperation with the global fashion search platform Lyst has announced a final ranking for 2017.

According to BoF reports, Balenciaga was particularly popular in the second half of the year, but in the end Gucci was able to assert itself as the world's hottest fashion brand. This also explains why four of the five top-selling products in 2017 come from Gucci - closely followed by Balenciaga's Speed Trainer Sneakers.

The future of Balenciaga looks promising thanks to Demna Gvsalia

But no matter how the result turned out to be, the ranking makes one thing clear: Georgian designer Demna Gvsalia knows how to align the French fashion brand Balenciaga - and how to raise awareness. The BoF points out that Google search queries for Balenciaga increased by 50 percent last year.

Below you will find the list of “Hottest Brands 2017”. Besides Gucci and Balenciaga, OFF-WHITE (by 71 places) and YEEZY (by 21 places) have made a significant leap forward. What do you think about the hottest fashion brands of 2017? Let us know in the comments or via Twitter.

Hottest Brands 2017

1. Gucci
2. Balenciaga
3. Vetements
4. Valentino
6. Givenchy
7. Moncler
8. Stone Island
9. Balmain

Top Products 2017

1. Gucci GG Blooms Supreme Sandal
2. Balenciaga Speed Trainer
3. Gucci GG Logo Belt
4. Gucci Ace
5. Gucci Logo T-Shirt
6. Givenchy Logo Slide
7. Balenciaga Campaign Logo T-Shirt
8. Isabel Marant Lexing Boots
9. Acne Studios Lab Denim Jacket
10. Moncler Maya Quilted Jacket