Partisans Architecture - Grotto Sauna 1

Grotto Sauna: Sweating More Beautifully With A View

The sauna belongs to Finland like the water to the sea. If one believes the many stories, then ¶Sauna” is still the only Finnish word that has been accepted internationally into other languages. The Russians call them e. g. Banja, whereas the Koreans call them Jimjilbang. The sweat room has a long tradition in many cultures.

The Finnish sauna is less common in Canada, although it is one of the most beautiful saunas in the world in the province of Ontario. A modern cedar wood cave with panoramic views over Lake Huron.

Grotto Sauna: Inspired by an Italian cave

Created by the Canadian architect's office Partisan, Grotto is a masterpiece of traditional craftsmanship, designed using the latest 3D technology, built using traditional manufacturing techniques.

Inspired by an Italian cave, the Grotto concept presents a simple exterior structure, complemented by straight lines and round windows. Similarly dynamic and curvy, the interior with its curved benches also appears. The interior was made of moisture-resistant cedar wood, which comes from the surrounding area of Toronto.

The flowing structure between escape and refuge

“Grotto tells us the story of escape and refuge”, is how the partisans explain their concept: “The sophisticated architecture pays homage to the extremes of the northern Canadian landscape.” And so the flowing structure fits perfectly into the picture of the remote and ecologically sensitive region.