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For Gigi Hadid, Yellow Is The Trend Color 2018 - And We'll Explain Why!

Earlier this year, Pantone announced Ultraviolet (18-3838) as the trend color of the year 2018, but Gigi Hadid doesn't care. This year's top model is fully committed to her personal favourite color: “Yellow is the color that always makes me happy.”

While Pantone's experts believe that the color ultraviolet stands for the mysteries of the cosmos, the fascination of the future and the discoveries beyond today's knowledge, Gigi Hadid sees energy, happiness and good humour in the color yellow.

Gigi Hadid associates the color yellow with energy, happiness and good mood

The world of colors is colorful, but the 22-year-old is sure that “the color that will make you smile after waking up is just right.” According to Gigi Hadid, this is also her absolute style secret: “My style is to dress me the way I feel that day. I think you should always wear what makes you happy. Seeing yourself in the mirror and finding yourself exciting is what it's all about.”

We want to know what your trend color of the year 2018 looks like? Do you fully rely on Pantone's recommendation? Or are you completely at Gigi Hadid and also rely on the color yellow in your styling? Let us know in the comments.