Gigi Hadid - Stuart Weitzman - Campaigne

Plus-Size-Model Mimics Gigi Hadid's Nude Picture For Stuart Weitzman

Plus-size models are more popular and well-known than ever. Just a few months ago, Diana Sirokai published a picture on Instagram, comparing herself with US reality star Kim Kardashian. And now with the postulated nude picture of Gigi Hadid for the Stuart Weitzman campaign.

As you can see, Diana Sirokai was inspired by the pictures of the Stuart Weitzman campaign with supermodel Gigi Hadid. Hadid sits naked with her characteristic dishevelled blonde hair and a pair of Wietzman boots on the ground in the original black and white photographs. The Plus-Size-Model also recreated this scene and wears only a pair of boots with black heels.

“I've seen what Gigi Hadid looks like in the pictures and wondered what other body types would look like on such shots”, says Diana Sirokai to insiders. “With my picture I want to inspire other people and show that we are all beautiful. Hopefully the brands will see that there are other models for such campaigns.” A daring action, or what do you think of Instagram pictures?!