The Tiny Cup - Hidden Fortress - Bar 1

Germany's Smallest Bar: Seven Swans & The Tiny Cup

“One is not alone in small things”, says Mephistopheles to Faust in the tragedy written by the German poet Johan Wolfgang von Goethe. The same applies to the 17-square-meter Bar The Tiny Cup in Frankfurt am Main. The location chosen by Mixology as the best "New Bar of the Year" offers a maximum of space for 16 guests. But anyone who thinks that fear of aggression is the cause of agoraphobia is wrong.

According to operator Sven Riebel, the micro-bar scene in Tokyo served as an inspiration: “High rental costs, caused by chronic lack of space, have been forcing gastronomers there for decades to think about topics such as room structures and guest placement”.

Interior for sophisticated taste

The German design studio Hidden Fortress is responsible for the interior design and, according to its own statement, had to redefine the slogan “Reduce to the max” - and this with success. Germany's smallest bar offers genuine living room and feel-good character.

The main focus of the colour concept is on the colours black and gold, which can be experienced by means of different surfaces, materials and processing techniques. Lena and Lisa from The Frankfurt Barblog also go into detail about the interior: “Golden from the outside, the bar looks simple inside, minimalist but still warm. A grey concrete ceiling, light and dark brown wooden walls with carvings and dark brown furniture leave plenty of room for the highlight, the bar itself, with its bottles, glasses, carafes and shakers, to shine.”

Consistent arrangement of natural materials

All in all, the interior design of Hidden Fortress looks like a natural arrangement of natural materials, which makes Germany's smallest bar look elegant and large at the end. And if things get hot in the Seven Swans & The Tiny Cup Bar despite “First come, first serve”, it's still true: “17 square metres are 17 square metres”, says Riebel.