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Top 12 Garden Ideas: With A Garden Shower For Refreshing Cooling

Summer, sun, sunshine: In the coming days temperatures are expected to rise above 30 degrees over several days, just the right weather for a cool refreshment under the garden shower.

Especially on such hot summer days as these, when there is no pool, swimming pool or lake nearby, the quick cooling in the garden or on the terrace offers an ideal opportunity to relax. For this reason, we have set out on Pinterest and selected twelve garden ideas to show you how pleasant and refreshing a garden shower can be during the warm summer time.

At first glance it becomes clear that a garden shower is quick to set up, requires little space and is relatively inexpensive to buy. It is therefore a good alternative to the pool when it is only a matter of a short refreshment. An elegant variant is, for example, Röshults “Garden Shower”, a minimalist garden shower that convinces with its classic design. But just have a look at our following collection:

These garden showers offer just the right refreshment on hot summer days

We have put together a selection of 12 different garden showers for you. Maybe there is something inspiring for you and your garden?

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