Game Design - Julietta Hofmann

What Do Game Design Students Do All Day Long?

With the introduction of the new “Games” category, we are opening up a new design discipline and looking behind the scenes of well-known video games. But before we get to grips with classics like Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda or Donkey Kong, let's take a look at what Game Designer does all day?!

„Seit dem Studium zocke ich viel weniger“ Published on

In her interview with Julietta Hoffmann, Tamina Grasme, editor of the youth editorial office of the Berlin newspaper “Spreewild”, looks behind the scenes of the everyday life of the game design student at the university. From the very beginning of the interview, Julietta makes it clear that the prospective game designers at the Berlin University of Applied Sciences only play in order to test their own or foreign prototypes. We have a prescribed timetable and attend courses on the basic principles of design, play and playing technique,"she says.

The entire interview with Julietta Hoffmann can be found on the Spreewild website.