Game Design - Super Mario - Rafael Douglas

Game Design: DESIGNLOVR Introduces New “Games” Category

Since the early video games in the 1970s, the gaming industry has developed rapidly. Game designers provide constant virtual replenishment and hundreds of games are released every year. Today's games are particularly captivating because of their storyline, history and a world full of imagination planned/designed down to the last detail. 

The fact that the field of game design has taken on an ever-increasing significance in design in recent years is also the reason why we at DESIGNLOVR want to introduce a new area with the category “Games”, which looks behind the development of well-known games from e. g. Electronic Arts, Nintendo or Sony. As a good game designer, you are not only responsible for the game world or the implementation of a game, but you also have to bring together many areas such as graphic design, classic and digital artwork or 3D techniques.

How many design disciplines are really needed to create a good game is shown in the approximately 5-minute video about the designer Shigeru Miyamoto, who designed classics like Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda or Donkey Kong.