Richard Clarkson - Floating Cloud 1

Floating Cloud: An Electromagnetic Cloud From Richard Clarkson


Can you touch clouds? With the Floating Cloud, designer and artist Richard Clarkson provides an answer to the question that every one of us might have had at the latest after our first flight on holiday. Reach for the clouds - the latest creation makes it easy.

After months of design research and countless user tests, the New York-based designer and Crealev design studio found a way to make every single one of us dream of a touchable cloud possible: Floating Cloud, a magnetic levitating environment lamp.

Months of design research and countless user tests make it possible

The “weightless” Floating Cloud is connected by a system of permanent magnets, electromagnets and a locating sensor that keeps the cloud in position without any cable connections. With careful touches it is even possible to turn the cloud completely or to initiate slight upward and downward movements. Finally, the work of art was equipped with some LEDs that react to sounds and change their color accordingly.

For more details about the Floating Cloud, visit the website of designer and artist Richard Clarkson.