FLIZ Concept - Bike Design 1

The FLIZ Concept Replaces The Centuries-Old Bicycle Design

For a century, the basic features of bicycle design have not changed: two wheels placed one behind the other, one of which is connected to the two pedals by a chain. But that could change now with the FLIZ concept.

The FLIZ concept represents an extension of mobility in urban areas and could replace the century-old bicycle design in its basic features. “The starting point for this was the investigation of the running machine by Karl Freiherr von Drais, the father of the bicycle and inventor of the automobile”, said the designers and developers. Like the “wooden horse”, the FLIZ is driven forward through the human passage.

Is the FLIZ concept better than its predecessor?

The focal point of the design is the hand-laminated frame made of glass and carbon fibres, which is ergonomically and visually different from the well-known bicycle design. In combination with the 5-point harness, it forms a unit with the driver's body, creating a completely new driving experience. But what do you think about the FLIZ concept?

In 1817, the first “running machine” was absolutely bankrupt. Could this happen to the FLIZ? Or does the concept replace the century-old bicycle design? We look forward to your comment.