Polaroid Instant Camera - Model 95A

The Day The First Polaroid Instant Camera Was Sold

It was the 26th of November 1948 at the Edwin Land with the Model 95A of the Land Camera which - according to our current understanding - introduced the first Polaroid instant camera. True, true photo enthusiasts still speak of a so-called “land camera” with regard to the 95A model, but the first instant camera was sold at the Jordan Marsh shopping mall in Boston under the Polaroid brand for 89.75 US dollars (today about 900 US dollars).

The first Polaroid instant camera was created by a question from Edwin's daughter, who wanted to know why she couldn't see the picture she just took? This inspired the American physicist and industrialist to design his own instant camera system, which saves the many steps to develop photos (including the many chemicals). In the end, it took several years for Land and his team to develop the first Polaroid instant camera, but the system is a huge success today.

In the following you will find a 10-minute documentary film by Charles and Ray Eames, which focuses on the Polaroid instant camera model SX-70, introduced in 1972. The timeline of Polaroid's inventions should be just as interesting, don't you think?!