Dittel Architekten - Eduards Stuttgart 1

The Stuttgart Eduard's - a Lifestyle Bar by Dittel Architekten

With one of the youngest lifestyle bars on the Stuttgart scene, the architects of DIA present us with an absolute recommendation for an unforgettable evening at the Dorotheen Quartier in Stuttgart.

For more than 10 years now, Dittel Architekten have been known for their good sense of precision, holistic thinking and tasteful aesthetics. A cosmopolitan and clear view of the future for digitization and corporate architecture result in impressive buildings. Your latest project is worth seeing. The Eduard's, a bar designed by DIA, is not only worth one, but also several visits.

Große Glasfronten ermöglichen einen Blick auf die moderne Einrichtung

From the outside, the potential holiday destination presents itself strongly and massively. When you look through the large glass fronts, you can see a modern furnishings with their deliberate simplicity and a touch of planned patina. The copper tubes and the handmade lamps are in our eyes an eye-catching highlight that fits into the discreet picture.

Just like the beginnings of German bar culture - or rather pub culture? The counter is a central focus of attention. Large and directly centrally located in the room, it is directly accessed by customers. It can go that fast, hardly through the door, the bartender nods to you and you have the first drink in your hand. Action and reaction have never been optimized better.

What do you think of Eduard's?! Would you like to have a nice drink in the new Lifestyle-Bar or would you like to sit in a quiet corner and enjoy a cocktail? Let us know what you think of the Stuttgart Eduard's. Cheers!