Dream Job Photographer 1

Dream Job Photographer: With Your Finger On The Shutter Release Button

The Internet and its illusory world. If one looks at the suggested daily routines of well-known photographers on Facebook and Instagram, the everyday life of many seems like that of star photographer Connor Mead from Mark Waters' “The Womanizer”.

After entering the studio, the coat is taken off by the first assistant, while the second takes care of the personal well-being. Now quickly bring the annoying phone call with Versace over the stage, before it can finally start.

In reality, the photographer's life looks quite different...

The light is already set and without much thinking there are two to three snapshots of the half-naked beauty lolling on the fur in the box. Time for a champagne. The post-production takes over and makes sure that even the last hints of facial expression disappear from the pretty face.

In the afternoon, we quickly ended three one-night stands of the last night via conference call, before the beauty in our arms is taken on an inspiring 3-day vacation.

In reality, the photographer's life looks very different, almost unsexy - and yet the consciousness of the general public regarding the activity of the colloquial “photographer” couldn't be more contradictory.

Is the often dreamed career as a photographer still possible?

In contrast to the times of analogue photography, today's end product is merely a discussion and composition of individual ideas and partial productions by third parties. Where this is not the case, financing is extremely difficult; after all, production is now cheaper, although quality is lost.

Now, not everything may have been possible in the past, but in any case it was a lot better, and yet today many people dream of a great career behind the camera: photographer - a life with the finger on the shutter release.

Is U definitely possible today? Today, countless things have definitely become simpler, something you once hated so much. What is still decisive, however, is the inner attitude to craftsmanship, the symphony of light, object and technology that wants to be driven to perfection.

Photographer, a real dream job...

It's not about glitter and glamour, but much more about the interesting, exciting and, above all, respectable side of the profession - and that's what it is, if you let yourself be rewarded again and again by the printed results, unique moments and the creation of new ways of expression.

In the end, it's this one moment every time that night shifts, time pressure and improvisation evaporate and you know why you've dedicated yourself to photography, the dream job, body and soul.