Dirk Dallas - Drohnenfotos 1

Impressive Drone Photos by Photographer Dirk Dallas

Already recently we reported in an article about the best drone photos 2017. Now we have noticed Dirk Dallas, a photographer who uses drone photography to illustrate the change of perspective with impressive photos from the air.

With a background in design and film business, Dallas stumbled into the art of photography. What began with quick iPhone snapshots, which served to find a good perspective for the video camera, developed into professional shots in a short period of time.

He photographed at eye level for years and needed a new challenge

In order to tackle a new challenge, he tried to change his perspective. “I've been taking pictures at eye level for years. I needed a new challenge”. By purchasing a DJI Phantom Quadcopter he found it. And the results are impressive!

Currently, Dallas lives in Southern California with his wife and three daughters and continues to expand his and our horizons with beautiful bird's eye views. Thanks to his growing popularity, he is able to refer to Nike, Toyota, Disney, Ford and many other large companies and inspires over 300.000 subscribers to Instagram with new recordings.