DESIGNLOVR - Website Relaunch 2017

DESIGNLOVR Presents New Online Platform

Young, dynamic and tidy. You'll find your way around.

Reader Commentary

Another new website? Yes, it's true. We did it again. After deliberately withdrawing from the market in recent weeks and questioning or rethinking a few things, we are now responding to the needs of our readers and users by redesigning our online platform: a quick overview, lots of pictures and a clearly focused offering.

With the further development of our online platform, we are introducing for the first time a start page that provides a quick overview of the five areas of DESIGNLOVR: magazines, selections, professionals, projects and city guides. One level below, we have thinned out the individual areas and freed them from dusty elements such as the sidebar. We want to pay even more attention to the content and underline this with our idea of a 3-column layout, which should give the content even more dynamism.

Mobile, on the other hand, we have clearly separated written and visual content. This means that considerably fewer text overlays are used, so that image and video elements on smartphones and tablets are easily recognizable. We have also completely revised the mobile navigation system so that you, as a reader or user of our online platform, can find the relevant content even faster.

Speaking of contents, in the next few days we will add the last articles in the “Magazine” section and then take care of the translation, because from now on DESIGNLOVR will be available not only in German but also in English. But now it's your turn: What do you think of our new online platform? How do you like the revisions? Let us know in the comments.