David Bayo - Astree - Fine Art Print

Artist David Bayo Creates dDrawing From 3 Million Points


During our school days, each of us should have painted a painting in art lessons, in which we wanted to use as many points as possible. One who has perfected this technique is David Bayo. For the Astrée work of art, the French artist needed around 300 hours and scored over three million points.

David Bayo seems to have been particularly fond of works made of ink products. About a year ago, for example, the French artist drew the motif BAUHAUS with one million points and a few months ago the picture TORO with around two and a half million points. Now the next highlight followed with Astrée.

As the French artist's making-of shows, he draws his works with a rapidograph by Rotring on a Strathmore 300 Artists Paper. With the greatest care, Bayo creates a unique work of art point by point, which can ultimately be purchased as a limited fine art print for around 80 euros.