Daniel Arsham - Bugs Bunny Illustration 1

Daniel Arsham Presents “Reverse Engineered” Bugs Bunny Illustration


Daniel Arsham has made a name for himself with both the Snarkitecture collective and his work for adidas and Co. The artist, who lives in New York, has now published the latest work of art on his Instagram account: a Bugs Bunny illustration referring to his childhood.

Daniel Arsham often uses his official Instagram account to showcase new works of art, including this time. The two pencil illustrations of the world-famous cartoon rabbit show Bugs Bunny in full as well as in an archaeological state. Titled with the title “%reverse engineered archeology%”, Arsham shows the familiar and cute character traits of the rabbit, while the falling limbs of Bugs Bunny are quite a contrast.

About a week ago Daniel Arsham also illustrated the Simpsons character “Bart Simpson” and so we wonder whether the two illustrations are a kind of preview for a new work of art?