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Dandy Diary Shows That Germany's Top Influencers Are Real Stereotypes

They are young, pretty and must not be missed at any launch party: Germany's top influencer. But appearances are deceptive, as the approximately 2-minute mashup video by Dandy Diary proves.

Since the journalistically inferior interview with Caro Daur conducted by "Manager Magazin", influencer marketing has been on everyone's lips. Like many other marketing disciplines, it is currently going through another hype cycle. The stakes and budgets are increasing, but neither companies such as. Rossmann, nor the self-appointed influencers have learned something. They simply have no more corners and edges!

Influencer of the 21st Century: It's about individualism vs. mass

With their mashup video "Influencer of the 21st Century" David Roth and Carl Jakob Haupt, the two heads behind Dandy Diary, show how monotonous, adapted and interchangeable Germany's top influencers have become. It is "like Eijkelboom - about adaptation and demarcation, individualism versus mass", they say. In addition, Dandy Diary even created an Instagram account, which illustrates in 3-part series of pictures how the "Children of a Revolution" tick today.

What do you think about influencer marketing? Are you bored of the Stereotype Influencer? We look forward to your feedback in the comments.