Christoph Niemann - Portrait - Gene Glover

These Are The 10 Most Popular Pictures Of Christoph Niemann On Instagram 2017


Christoph Niemann is one of the world's most sought-after illustrators. It is not only since the Netflix documentary “Abstract: Design as Art” that the Berliner is known beyond its borders. His illustrations appear where every designer probably wants to be published: on the title of the “New Yorker”, in the “New York Times” or in “Zeit Magazin”. His dream was to be featured on the cover of the “New Yorker”, says Christoph Niemann - and has already done it over 20 times.

The secret of his creativity? Christoph Niemann once captured it in his familiar style with pencil, brush and paper in a diagram: 87 percent effort, 7.5 percent luck, 0.5 percent “giftedness” and 5 percent “90 minutes at a stretch to keep your fingers off the Internet”! Perhaps that also explains why he only publishes a new illustration on his Instagram account @abstractsunday every seven days.

In the following picture gallery you will find the 10 most popular pictures of Christoph Niemann on Instagram 2017. what is your favourite picture of the German illustrator? And which Instagram account should we analyze next?