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Christoph Kassette: Photography With quality And Soul Takes Time

“Nothing is more exciting than man. I can't get enough of a good portrait, but perhaps a much more elaborately produced car photo bores me after a second at the latest.” At the latest after this quotation it is clear that we are talking here about a photographer - namely Christoph Kassette from Berlin, who visually transports emotions and personality with his photography. For the 35-year-old, photography is not just a job, but an attitude to life that he has had for a long time.

For me, a blurred, blurred photo can also be perfect. The content is crucial.

Christoph Kassette

Inspirationen findet Christoph Kassette überall

The Berliner finds inspiration for his works everywhere, he says. The only premise for this is that you don't flee into a matrix like TV, Internet & Co., but are open to new things.

When it comes to personalities, Christoph Kassette has his very own definition of beauty: “Photographing beautiful things is not so complicated. Depicting superficial beauty is one thing, but transporting trust and emotion is another”, he explains in the interview. “People who only pretend as if are boring and you can only produce boring photos with them. People with charisma and aura I like best in front of the camera, no matter if professional or not”.

Time is an important factor in the photography of Christoph Kassette

In addition to the trust and emotion placed in his photographs, another important factor also counts: time. In the era of the World Wide Web and smartphone photography, the quality and the claim of a photo pays off above all because it is conceptually well thought-out - even if it is deliberately blurred in the end. The idea behind it does not have to be revolutionary, but must be consistently implemented. 

“Fast and a lot, to perform and consume, that's how it often works. But things with quality and soul take time. Many people can make food warm and it fills them up, but it has little to do with cooking. And already at the approach of hunger something comes to food, fast and a lot. You just don't become a gourmet like that.”

Christoph Kasette: “It's this one moment that counts”

And what was the most exciting job so far in the life of the Berlin photographer? “Crashed in a helicopter over the Gobi desert and took the picture of my life. I would like to tell such a story now, but I don't have one. Jobs and projects that demand a lot from you, preferably with a lot of people abroad, that's always exciting for me, and there's almost always a lot to laugh about”. But aren't those exactly the moments that count? That the job and the passion become one and are no longer mutually exclusive?

Christoph Kasette has ambitious visions

With this attitude, the Berliner-by-choice can now look back on publications in publications such as Superior Magazine and IN Magazine as well as clients such as Diesel and Eickhoff. There is no question that the journey will continue to be devoted to photography, but it remains to be seen whether the vision will come true: “Above all, I want to continue to work with people with whom you can grow creatively beyond yourself. Inspiration is everything - so whether you work for a trendy magazine or a well-known agency is less important. But of course I wouldn't mind being in VOGUE one day.”