Chris Burkard - Photography - Identity Reel

Chris Burkard - And The Pleasures Of Cold Water Surfing (Video)

“Surfing combines the lifestyle of the 1968 generation with the typical Californian Easy Living”, it says. At first, it is only the sport of the hippies that elevates the sea to a kind of religion, but in the end it is much more.

For some years now, action and adventure sports photographer Chris Burkard, with his photo motifs consisting of three essential elements, namely surfing, waves and breathtaking light, has been demonstrating the lifestyle and stories that surfing brings with it.

Born in California, he took the industry by storm and was able to draw attention to himself at the age of 23: In 2010, Burkard won the Red Bull Illume Contest, one of the most prestigious competitions among action and sports photographers, against 26,000 entries from around 6,000 photographers.

His picture of surfer Peter Mendia on the west coast of Chile impressed not only the jury but also the community. That Chris Burkhard hasn't rested since then is demonstrated by the impressive “Identity Reel” video from Invisity, in which Chris gives an exclusive insight into his life.