Yashica - FX-3 Super Camera

Japanese Camera Manufacturer Yashica Announces a Comeback

Yashica is about to make a comeback. For more than 50 years, the Japanese camera manufacturer based in Okaya has been one of the most popular photographers. Especially since the introduction of the Yashica T4 edition with Carl Zeiss Tessar 35mm f/3.5 lens, the brand has been regarded as the practical pop star among cameras with which today's photographic superstars such as Terry Richardson, Ryan McGinley and Juergen Teller have shaped their photographic style.

The supplier of watch spare parts was founded in Nagano in 1949 under the name Yashima Seiki Co. It was not until the introduction of the first camera, the Yashimareflex, a two-eyed single-lens reflex camera, that the name was changed to Yashima Optical Industry Co. and then changed to Yashica in 1958. Since then, the Japanese camera manufacturer has been building high-quality rangefinder cameras based on the Leica model and is one of the world's most popular camera brands for a reason.

It's all the more gratifying that Yashica is now making its comeback with the teaser “The Silence of Story”. There is no news so far about which models will be part of the remake, but we are looking forward to the cameras. But what about you?!