Byton SUV Concept - Design 1

Byton Introduces SUV Concept With Innovative Design

With the Tesla Model 3 and the recently unveiled Nissan Leaf 2, a revised version of the most successful electric car on the market to date, electromobility is constantly evolving and making headlines. The German-Chinese company Byton dares to leap into electromobility with the release of its first vehicle and clearly attacks Tesla as a rival - and Byton should not be underestimated!

The Byton debut is done with an SUV concept

The first presented vehicle is to become a luxurious SUV, which until now has simply been called the Byton Concept. But it inspires us with its clear, sporty lines. The Byton SUV looks futuristic and yet somehow realistic.

With the door handles hidden in the B-pillar and the sporty roof architecture falling backwards, it presents itself in a contemporary style and awakens desireful glances. Side mirrors were completely omitted. Instead, side-mounted cameras on each side of the vehicle are supposed to display an image on the huge display in the interior. Incidentally, the concept is backed by none other than former BMW development manager Carsten Breitfeld.

Two large displays make all buttons in the Byton superfluous

Inside the car you drop into comfortable leather seats and marvel at the two displays that adorn the dashboard and, unusually, the steering wheel. There are no other buttons as, according to Byton, the entire operation of the vehicle is carried out via the two displays and by voice and gesture control. The 8-inch display integrated into the steering wheel will play a major role in this context. It will also be possible to add additional assistants, such as Amazon Alexa.

In addition to a lane keeping system and the classic driving assistant, automated driving up to level 4 is also planned in the Byton, which theoretically no longer needs a driver and which performs all tasks in road traffic independently.

Byton plans smart all-round carefree package

By creating user profiles, Byton plans to enable a keyless identification. When the vehicle recognises its owner, the doors are automatically opened, the electric seats are moved to the preferred position, the driver's smartphone is connected and his personal music selection is played. With this idea, Byton would be the first manufacturer to offer a completely autonomous "all-round carefree package".

The Byton SUV will be launched on the US market in 2019 and will have a range of 400 to 520 kilometers. One year later, it will also be sold in Europe for about 35,000 euros. A strong announcement, the company has recruited key employees at BMW, Daimler, Google, Tesla and Nissan to make its threat a reality.