Bill Cunningham - New York Movie 2

Street-Style Photographer Bill Cunningham Has Died at The Age of 87 Years

He was the forefather of street-style photography and yet he was easily overlooked. Bill Cunningham wasn't too big, he walked through old age curved and didn't play his way into the foreground. Since 1978, Cunningham has photographed well-dressed women for his weekly column in the New York Times: from the well-dressed high society Big Apples, to well-known female editors he met at fashion shows in New York or Paris, to influencers today.

For almost 40 years, Bill Cunningham photographed for The Times to capture New York's ever-changing fashion scene and become a true personality of the scene. “We're all dressing for Bill”, said Vogue boss Anna Wintour once. But now a modeling legend is leaving with him at the age of 87. Bill Cunningham died after a stroke and leaves behind a magnificent life's work.

“We have lost a legend, and I personally am deeply saddened to have lost a friend”, said New York Times Chairman Arthur Sulzberger Jr.