Apple Store - Macau - Foster Partners 1

This Is What The Apple Store In Macau By Foster + Partners Looks Like

Apple has been demonstrating the importance of architecture and the right interior for the retail trade for several years now. No wonder that the Apple Store designed by Foster + Partners once again joins the ranks of the most impressive Apple stores worldwide. “We wanted to create a simple and elegant building that complements the sounds, sights and colours of Macau while embodying a sense of clarity and tranquillity”, says Stefan Behling, head of the Foster + Partners studio.

After working with Sir Jonathan Ive at Apple's Chicago (Michigan Avenue) and London (Regent Street) locations to create a special ambience, the Apple Store Macau is another space where technology, entertainment and art come together. “The design creates two different spaces, an interior and an exterior space, which are permeated by authentic beauty through the innovative use of natural materials”, says Behling confidently.

Natural materials ensure authenticity and deceleration in the interior

This refers to the inviting bamboo sharks that encourage pedestrians to enter the Apple Store. Already at the entrance, the visitor is greeted by shimmering stone slabs and a glass-stone composite facade, which is coated with a mirrored stainless steel to reflect the patterns and colours. While natural light enters the room at different times of the day through the ceiling windows, the interior is highlighted by a central skylight.

All in all, the Apple Store in Macau has a very calming effect through the use of bamboo and provides a kind of deceleration. But just have a look at the following gallery and write us a comment on how the sales rooms designed by Foster + Partners affect you.