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Apple Park: First Impressions From The Steve Jobs Theater

Over the past few years, Apple has consistently demonstrated what it means to create unique and innovative solutions: whether from the iMac G3 Bondie Blue, the iPod Scroll Wheel or the new iPhone X. But apart from the new super smartphone, this year's main focus was on the reopening of the Apple Park - the most expensive “product” of the world's most valuable company.

The inauguration of Apple Park, which was designed and developed by Foster & Partners, took place in September 2017 when Apple invited around 1,000 guests to the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino for the iPhone keynote. It's a place where the spirit of Steve Jobs is supposed to be felt, at least that's what they say. The theatre offers no seating or other furniture. Only two painted stairs made of light special concrete downstairs into the underground auditorium and a glass elevator are available.

To give you a better idea of the Steve Jobs Theater in the middle of the new Apple Park, we have put together a small collection for you here:

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