Fujigaoka M Apartment - Toshiyuki Yano 1

Living Space Used Perfect: The Fujigaoka M Apartment On 64 Square Meters

In Japan's megametropolises, population density is high and space is scarce. As a result of this lack, a trend towards living in small spaces developed in Tokyo and Yokohama, among other places. Functional design is in the foreground. It has become a challenge for Japanese architectural firms to develop living space solutions that adapt to the ever smaller and winding rooms and exploit them intelligently.

One of these functional solutions is presented by the Japanese studio Sinato from Tokyo with the 64 square meter Fujigaoka M Apartment. For effective use of the living space, an L-shaped wooden wall was installed in the middle of the apartment, creating two open rooms for a bedroom and guest room. “The wooden wall also offers plenty of storage space and is suitable for sitting and leaning on”, says architect Chikara Ohno.

The Fujigaoka M Apartment convinces with bright surfaces. Reinforced by grey concrete walls and generously installed ceiling lights, the once “small” 64 square metres appear considerably more spacious overall. “The inner terrace is a bright place, which is not only intended as a buffer between the rooms, but also becomes a real feel-good space thanks to its bright atmosphere”, says Ohno.

Would you feel comfortable in the Fujigaoka M apartment of the Japanese studio Sinato? We are looking forward to your comment.