Amazon - Augmented Reality-Shopping

Amazon Relies On Augmented Reality Shopping With Immediate Effect

With the introduction of the new Apple iPhone X and iOS 11, IKEA has introduced a new shopping experience with the Augmented Reality app “Place”. But now, American online mail order company Amazon is also moving into the market and introducing an “AR View” in its app, which allows products to be tested at home before they are purchased.

The new feature does not yet work with all Amazon products, but there are already thousands of items of furniture, toys and electronic devices integrated. So, once you've updated the Amazon app on your phone, just open the application and click the camera icon next to the search bar to enable AR View. Afterwards you can choose between different products and move through the room.

But what do you think the IKEA Place app or Amazon AR View is the future of shopping? We look forward to your feedback in the comments.