AEY Catcher Playing Cards - Design 1

Playing Card Design: AEY Catcher Playing Cards by Alessa Schröder

Playing cards have been part of human life for more than a millennium and are nowadays used for everything from magicians, from children's and adults' games to corporate advertising. So it's not a new idea to design a card game, and yet the AEY Catcher Playing Cards set with its minimalist design caught our eye.

The designer Alessa Schröder has designed a limited edition Playing Cards set for the still young, North German company “AEY Catcher”, which is characterized above all by its minimalism and clear details. Reduced to the essentials, it is above all the typography and icons of the 52 playing cards that have been reinterpreted by the Berlin-based artist - in contrast to well-known designs such as those by digital artist Joshua Davis, the Brosmind design studio or the illustrator Raphael Vicenzi.

In addition to the playing-card set by Alessa Schröder, AEY Catcher has now initiated a Kickstarter campaign to create a high-quality box that is specially designed for storing appropriate playing-card sets. What do you think of that? Would you be interested in designing your own playing card design? We look forward to your comment.