WHTR-App - David Elgena

WTHR™ – The Minimalist Weather App For Designers

As multi-faceted as the weather may be, weather applications for iPhone, iPad and Co. look almost the same. Not quite. All except the minimalist WTHR™ app by David Elgena from Miami, Florida. With its easy handling and the simple, modern UX design, the app by the young designer is convincing all along the line.

In the spirit of the seventies and the theses for good design defined by Dieter Rams at that time, Elgena published an iPhone app that, reduced to the essentials, provides a simple overview of the current weather in the respective location. In addition, it offers the possibility of a weather forecast with an outlook for the next seven days – and nothing more.

With a very bright color scheme and a greatly reduced surface, the 79-cent expensive WTHR™ app stands out from Apple’s on-board solution: At the top there is a large, round barometer instrument, underneath it the weather information in text form and finally the preview for the next seven days. That’s it.

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