Virgil Abloh x Vitra - TWENTYTHIRTYFIVE - US Edition 1

Virgil Abloh Once Again Designs A Limited Furniture Collection For Vitra

Few architects and designers have shaped the last few years like he has: Virgil Abloh. Both with his label Off-White, as well as with his designs for the luxury brand Louis Vuitton, he made a mark again and again in the past. In addition, he has transformed the IKEA bag “FRAKTA” into a real it-piece. Abloh is a creative jack-of-all-trades – and so it was only a matter of time before furniture manufacturer Vitra contacted him.

Already last year Virgil Abloh launched a limited furniture collection together with Vitra, which was reminiscent of the works of the French designer Jean Prouvé. The focus was primarily on a ceramic block, but also on the “Petite Potence” lamp designed by Prouvé and the “Antony” armchair.

Now Abloh has revisited the Pouvé pieces and developed them further for what he calls “a new young generation”. The focus is primarily on the impact of technological change, sustainability, dematerialization, and abundance.

Virgil Abloh engages with the works of Jean Prouvé and sketches a baby blue future

The objects designed by Virgil Abloh can be found under the project name “TWENTYTHIRTYFIVE”. Abloh’s main question was how the influences of technological change, as well as effects such as sustainability, dematerialization, and abundance, affect our homes and our tastes. Now, with a new colorway, the limited-edition furniture collection enters its second round – and was made specifically for the U.S. market.

“I love the idea of introducing some of Jean Prouvé’s classics to today’s generation, who may not know the significance of his work”, says Virgil Abloh. In the process, he has landed a real hit with the collection. Above all, the new interpretation of the Antony chair is reminiscent of Prouvé’s design. The French designer was a pioneer of industrialized construction, and it is precisely these traits that Virgil Abloh revives in his TWENTYTHIRTYFIVE collection. Only this time in baby blue!

What do you think about the strictly limited collection of Virgil Abloh x Vitra? Would you buy the furniture and put it in your living room?

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