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The Louis Vuitton “Objets Nomades” Collection In Focus

The launch of the Objets Nomades collection by Louis Vuitton was a little while ago, but the collection is still extremely worth seeing. The designer pieces were presented to an international audience during Design Week in Milan in April 2015.

The French fashion house has teamed up with high-profile designers several times to create a collection consisting of accessories, bags, and interiors. The first collection was presented at Design Week 2012 in Miami.

Louis Vuitton - Objects Nomades: The name of the collection is the program

The individual objects are inspired by the art of travel and are conceived in function and design so that they can be quickly and easily converted into a handy piece of luggage. This year, designers The Raw Edges, Damien Langlois-Meurienne and Gwenael Nicolas were in charge of the concept, design and material selection.

At Louis Vuitton, high-quality materials are a must. The suitcases, files and accessories were made of leather, as well as the foldable chairs, hammocks and beds. They are very much in Louis Vuitton’s style, classy, classic and modern. Cognac-colored leather dominates, which is supported by clear color accents in yellow, red, blue and white.

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